ABCO - International Academy of Accounting and Finance to date has more than 5,800 graduates in accordance with national accounting standards. Currently, more than 1,800 students of ABCO - International Academy of Accounting and Finance are receiving education from professional teachers.

National standards of accounting and taxation

The accounting profession has permeated every area of labor activity. Accounting is available to any organization, and everywhere an accountant has his or her own characteristics. However, the forms and principles of accounting are essentially the same for any field. In short, there is no more universal profession than accounting.

A successful accountant is, as needed, precision and business acumen. Today, the success of any firm depends on the efficiency of the accountant.

If you want to become a successful accountant, ABCO - International Academy of Accounting and Finance, which has been providing accounting services for 11 years and has provided the public with qualified accountants for 3 years, is happy to help you.

According to the national accounting standards, our professional program, which has passed all-round tests, is based on real practice. It includes 3 stages.

Fundamental accounting Fundamental accounting - you are at this stage of the enterprise (organization) since the creation of the state registration of the National accounting standard on all 99 accounts one - with a presentation and its content, as well as any cases information about the procedures is given. Once students are familiar with the content of all accounts, they will gain a thorough knowledge of the balance sheet, which is the golden rule of accounting.

1C program 8.3 (7.7) 1C program 8.3 (7.7) - knowledge of program specialists on the correct use and effective use of all the knowledge gained at the above fundamental stage in version 8.3 of program 1 C, known and popular to all entrepreneurs and accountants, and skills. Due to the fact that this stage is based on practice, classes are organized with the help of a laptop during the lesson.

Tax and electronic reports - at this final stage, students learn the types of taxes, their calculation, as well as the practice of timely preparation and submission of reports to all tax and customs authorities in the prescribed manner. This opens the door for the accountant to choose the most optimal type of tax depending on the type of activity of the enterprise (organization) as a qualified employee.

Graduates of the course on national accounting standards will be awarded a diploma of 'ABCO - International Academy of Accounting and Finance'. ABCO - International Academy of Accounting and Finance is responsible for the employment of students who have received a standard diploma.